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           Wolfe and Davian..They've come back to me as brothers. There's nothing that can ruin it for me anymore. Jakob's days are numbered and Karynn's agreed to live in the warehouse..Perhaps this life's looking up.Maybe the home I had that broke is being reforged now. I can't say I'd ever really complain, my brothers weren't born my brothers. They became them by way of blood, both mixing it and spilling it in mud, dirt, concrete..Wherever our battles took place. I'm relying less and less on that damned swastika as a crutch...But I'll still wear it, forever and always. As a sign of what happens when a man is at his lowest.

           I remember when I first arrived in New York. I was all but broken...The only reason I didn't break then was the fact Stephanie needed me..Now that I realize my gift....Other people need me. I can't afford to have ideologies anymore...Or can I?
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Whether by a fault of mine or sheer luck on their part it seems my gifts've been noticed. I think it's funny because of the fact they had that advantage of knowing they still fell. Sad really, all three had accidents after I found out they'd been stalking me as well as Karynn... Sad.

 He really shouldn't of jumped off the building like he did, that's not wholesome and healthy. It really isn't....Not complaining personally mind you, a dead agent is far less trouble than a live one afterall..The other two met with far more gruesome methods of 'going'...I suppose if you can't take life anymore you might as well.. I opted the idea to Karynn that it might be prudent to leave New York with me...She didn't go. Her mistake, if you ask me...Yet in good conscience, I can't go without her...Not with the agents around without me to effectively protect her..

I need to find Wolfe. By the way, I'm afraid I've run off Karynn's overly conservative boyfriend permanently. He doesn't like being punched..Damn those Christians. Lol.

As it is..I have some things to decide.
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 She hit me.

I floored her.

...Yet we're getting along better than we have before thus far, how does this make sense?...Perhaps because I treated her as an equal for a change rather than a mere jackal. ...I'm not sure how this is going to go, I stayed the night with her. I'm torn between what I'm going to have to do... Jakob is going to pay for his greivances..This is for certain.

He's a dead man. I'm going to hack his over-sized mix-breed ass to death with his own bloody axe..I swear before the swastika and whatever else, he'll die. While men like him roam the streets, resting for me is not an option. The king of beasts is horribly displeased with this notion.

Oh yeah, I've also got to deal with my darling sister. This Berk.

One of the last pictures of us taken together. I won't let her walk away breathing like she did last time. She'll pay with her life for what she did to our parents.....And Jakob'll pay for what he's doing in general. From this moment on, they'll be no more harm done to people who didn't deserve it. I PROMISE  this.

I'm rambling. I'm delirious from the morphine for my ribs.....Am I in love? Or is it lust?....Probably the latter. Ha..

Current Mood: cynical cynical
Current Music: Tired and Red ~ Sodom.

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...Jakob attacked already.

He heard about what I'd done to the bretheren and came for me with his men...The so called Juggernaut of the Aryan race, HA! That stupid son of a mixbreed whore barely even WOUNDED me before I turned him and his men away running like the jackals they were! I imagine Jakob's off licking his wounds like the cur dog he is, whimpering in pain..Or at least I dearly hope he is.

I need to lie down for the moment, Victory's made me drunk.

Current Location: The Junkyard`
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: All hail the king of kings ~ Motorhead.

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I'm tired. She just doesn't comprehend the fact I want her. Is she so fucking blind as to the fact of me owning her!? RARGH! That's not my only problem, I have fucking retards moving in on MY territory! Gutless jackals come to poison the people living in my neighborhood with drugs. I'll deal with'em, I always do. The Junkyard'll remain a haven for the people who need the help, it always has been....Well, for the right people anyways.

I desperately wish that Asian cunt'd back up her words and come for me..But I have bigger worries to attend to, Evita isn't far way...I know she isn't. I can tell...It'd scare me if I could even remember what fear was. She dug her grave the moment she killed our family, the moment she broke Stephanie's mind. On a lighter note, I don't think the cut on my face'll scar to horribly...Karynn helped me clean it, before rejecting my advances.

She'll cave into them, how could she not?

....On a darker note, Jakob's back in town.

I'm a lion.
Hear me roar!

Current Location: The Junkyard.
Current Music: Breakdown - Tantric.

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             ...I'm tired. I'm bedraggled. I feel weak....Yet at the very same time I feel so damned INVIGORATED!..I think the wound on my face may start becoming infected..It burns, badly. Before I was so pumped up on Adrenaline it didn't matter..Now? Now it feels like I dunked my face in iodine. I made a clone to apply ointment to it..But it's just not working right, I think that fuckwit of a coward who cut me didn't clean his blade. Ugh, I have a fever.. 

Perhaps I need sleep.

I have a mission to complete...I'm just not sure what it entirely is.  I do know this, I have a meeting with a murderous bitch of a sibling someday this century. I won't freeze up like I did beforehand..I've grown since then, a heartless cunt isn't my family.

Ah, what a concept that is..family. Davian coming back to help me bury Stephanie shows me the family I've ignored all this time...I need to make amends with Wolfe..A Lion needs his pride.

Current Mood: drained drained
Current Music: Arson - Amon Amarth.

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I am one of the last true soldiers of God's Aryan race. ...It's becoming more and more apparent to me. The gift he's given me..God wishes for me to do his work in the most effective way possible, he picked me out of my so-called bretheren..He gave ME the strength to slay them and to form a new bretheren! I will, I will craft us from the ashes and build anew....

.....Only thing is, I don't believe in god.

I don't believe in missions.

And I don't believe in cowardice. 

I'm an Aryan soldier. I'm a gifted 'freak'.  I am a lion. HEAR MY ROAR!

Current Mood: ecstatic ecstatic
Current Music: All hail the king of Kings ~ Motorhead.

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